Do you do commissioned portraits? Yes. People are what I love to paint. I do traditional portraits plus lifestyle-figurative paintings.

What is needed to do a portrait? I work from photographs. Yours or mine. As needed, I can take a photograph or you can provide me with a favorite photo.

Do you have any age restrictions for portraits? I will paint a one minute old baby if you really, really want one, although I find they usually look different everyday until they are about three years old. So, to be safe, I recommend three years old and up for a portrait.

How long does it take you to do a portrait? It varies. It depends on my travel schedule and how many commission portraits I have ahead of your request.

What would the price be for a portrait of more than one person? The more people in the painting, the more time needed. When you add another person, the base price of the painting goes up an additional 50%. If you have something in mind, let me see a photo and we’ll talk.

Where do you show your work? I participate in juried art festivals throughout the United States. Plus, my husband and I have a working-studio/gallery in Norcross, GA.

Where did you learn to paint? I have always loved art. I married an artist in college and have watched him paint for 38 years. He would always ask me to look at a painting he was working on and I was able to see areas that needed help. Later, my husband began teaching art classes and I was one of his first students. He loves to paint large still lifes and landscapes. He helped me discover my love for painting people. So, together we spend our days painting, chasing grand babies, updating web sites, preparing to go to and traveling to art festivals.